It’s All Emily Johnson

Photo by Cameron Wittig

Photo by Cameron Wittig

So, over at Culturebot we have a great interview up with Minneapolis choreographer/performer Emily Johnson, whose Niicugni is part of this year’s COIL Festival (she’ll be up at Baryshnikov Arts Center Jan. 9-12). Coincidentally, I also interviewed Johnson before her last NYC appearance, with The Thank-you Bar, which you can read here. And coincidentally, Johnson will be performing Niicugni with friend-of-the-site Aretha Aoki, who, you may recall, was one of the artists who took part in our “Ephemeral Evidence” show back in April ’12 at Exit Art. AND coincidentally Johnson herself will be performing with The Bodycartography Project’s Super Nature, which you can read about here. Emily Johnson is apparently the nexus of our little universe this year.

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