My Review of The Movie That I Saw


I tried not to have any preconceived notions about the movie I saw recently before I saw the movie. Unfortunately, because I am alive and have previously seen other movies, to be honest I have to admit I had any number of preconceived notions about virtually any subject having to do, or even not having to do with movies when I saw the movie.

But I’d like to move beyond that.

Where should I start with regard to what, without hesitation, can be described as a movie, in the truest sense of the word. It had a plot. Not only did it have a plot, but it also had characters, honest to goodness characters. In short, precisely the kind of characters you would expect to see portrayed in a movie. And in this regard, that is to say, in having a plot, as well as characters, this movie did not disappoint. Rather this movie succeeded fantastically in this regard, in this reviewer’s opinion.

At the beginning of the movie, certain things happen. And as the movie moves on from this starting point, other things happen, that are different than the things that happened at the beginning mentioned earlier. I won’t give away the ending, but suffice it to say that the movie did end, and it ended after something happened, that hadn’t happened previously, up to that point.

I realize that there are some who would see this kind of ending cynically, saying that it was too predictable. But while I wasn’t totally suprised that the movie did end, and that it ended after something happened, I found the ending to have a profound quality of finality to it that I have recognized in other movies that are considered monumental acheivements in film.

This movie reminded me in many ways of the movie we all recall where things also happened, and where there was also a plot as well as characters, and where the things that happened kept being different things too, and in which after something happened, the movie also ended. And believe me, I wouldn’t dare compare this movie with that one, unless I felt certain that other people who have seen movies would see precisely the similarities in these two movies as I saw, after seeing both of these movies. The parallels are obvious. 

The actors and actresses were clearly acting throughout the movie. The actor who played the lead role in particular, was definitely acting in such a way as to be acting as a character in the movie. I found this performance to be the very epitome of acting, that is to say that the actor was clearly acting as the character would act, if he was being portrayed by the actor. Do I hear Oscar knocking on the door? Let’s not answer that door for now.

The appearance of the film was one of colorful visual images, composed not only of the actors, but also of other things, some of these things being inanimate objects found only in certain geographic locations. This I think deserves special mention with regard to my overall positive impression of the movie, and it’s worth saying too that there was sound, that sound being composed of a wide array of noises that went along with all the things that happened.

Summing it all up, what can I say, other than to say that this really was a movie. It was made to be seen. It was truly a “movie” movie, made just for people who watch movies.

Overall I give it a rating of 23 Stars, and I’m looking forward to seeing the next movie made by the moviemakers who made this clear and lucid example of what we expect a movie to be.

See you at the theatre!

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