PPL’s Relational March

From Feb 28-March 31, 2014 PPL (Esther Neff and Brian McCorkle) + Future Death Toll (David Griess and Edward Sharp) will pile into a car with all of their art materials, a change of underwear each, and take their chances on the USA outside of NYC!

If you live near any of these places, they’d love to see you and possibly sleep on your floor.

Here are their tour dates as of 02/22/2014, stay updated via Facebook (most reliable), and see video, images, and more throughout the relational month of marching on the Tour Tumblr. Also, click HERE to read an article in Peri0d related to the tour.

From time to time Esther and Brian will be sharing tour diary tales on Culturebot, so stay tuned.

Feb 28: Hole in the Sky, Washington, DC.
Climbing Through The Hole in the Sky
PPL, Valerie Kuehne, Future Death Toll, Rachel Hrbek, Natalia Panfile, and Renee Regan, curated by Eames Armstrong

March 1: The Fold, Rockville, MD

The Fold & Aether Art Projects present an immersive night of performance. To unfold is to open up, to spread out and expand. unFOLDing is about sharing and revealing through actions and movements. Panoply Performance Lab, Future Death Toll, Carolina Mayorga, Kristy Little, Paul Shortt, Carolyn Becker, Ziad Nagy, Renée Regan, Eames Armstrong, Eve Henessa, Rachel Hrbek, Ian McDermott, Natalia Panfile, and more TBA.

March 3: Skylab Gallery, Columbus, OH
( on tumblr, on the Facebooks)

March 5-7: KENTUCKY

March 5 at 4:15pm MAROONING: For Lexington at University of Kentucky’s Tuska Center for Contemporary Art  (Lexington, KY)

March 6: I.D.E.A.S. 40203 Contemporary Art Chamber of Commerce (Louisville, KY)

March 8-9 MISSOURI

March 8: The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, St. Louis, MO

March 9: Charlotte Street Settlement, La Esquina,, Kansas City, MO

Let’s Make a Mess in response to The Tyranny of Good Taste, now at la Esquina, curated by Danny Orendorff.

Dumpster-diving their way across mid-America, this multi-disciplinary tag team of artists will present responsive and relational performances, including body art, found objects, industrial noise music, and “low-brow” consumer waste (American cheese, stale donuts, hot glue, and wax). Reacting to the economic plight of artists working today, “Let’s Make a Mess” includes work that desperately and auto-poetically poses a politics that embraces non-dominant schemes for value, culture, and reality at large. Performing Artists: Brian McCorkle, Esther Neff, David Greiss, and Edward Sharp. The evening will also feature opening and closing performances by the Kansas City experimental music/performance collaboration outfit C.A.S.H.E.D., composed of Timothy Amundson (aka Timothy Abysmall) & Drew Roth (aka Piper Harrow)

March 10: Kent Bellows Studio, Omaha, NE
Future Death Toll, PPL, w/Neil Griess

March 11: SPATIVM, Lincoln, NE
Future Death Toll, PPL, Valerie Kuehne w/ Woven Symbol

March 12: PUBLIC SPACE ONE, Iowa City, IA
Future Death Toll, PPL, w/ Curt Oren

March 13: Counterpath, Denver, CO
Ye Taik and Black Sheep Collective perform a score and text by Esther Neff.

March 15: Evolution Collective, Madison, WI
Future Death Toll, PPL.

March 16: The White Page, Minneapolis, MN
Bring in the Indigo: Performance from NY & MPLS curated by Fire Drill.
An evening of contemporary performance, spanning dance, theater, visual art performance, relational practices, music and hybrids of all of the above—making Minneapolis a hub on a DIY touring circuit. Performances by: Fire Drill (MPLS) // Panoply Performance Lab (NY) // Future Death Toll (NY/PDX) // Hiponymous (MPLS) // Samantha Johns (MPLS) // Glow Mechanics (MPLS) // Beasthead (MPLS) // Dustin Maxwell (MPLS)

March 17: Center Street Free Space, Milwaukee, WI
Future Death Toll
Future Death Toll, PPL

March 18: High Concept Labs at MANA Contemporary, Chicago, IL
Curated by Rachel Ellison, PPL, Future Death Toll, Adam Rose and Alejandro Acierto.

March 19: Three Rivers Public Library, Three Rivers, MI at 4pm.

March 20: Detroit Contemporary/C.A.I.D, curated by Spread Art, Detroit, MI

March 24: Cincinnati Public Library, Cincinnati, OH
Experimental Music at the Library curated by Steve Kemple
LATE SHOW: The Comet, Cincinnati, OH

March 26: Firehazard Studios, Pittsburgh, PA
Performance Art and Experimental Music at Firehazard Studio (Swissdale)
PPL, Future Death Toll w/ Submisstress, Dream Weapon, Daniel McCloskey and others TBA.

March 30: Machines With Magnets, Pawtucket, RI
PPL, Future Death Toll, w/ ISLANDS + Ian Deleón and Anabel Vázquez


Saturday, April 5th, 2014 at 8pm

Secret Works Loft: 59 Jefferson Street #301
Admission is a Contribution to the Free Bar or Boutique

SALTA + AUNTS is a special AUNTS evening, in collaboration with Oakland- based collective SALTA. This event is the first in a series of AUNTS exchanges with other U.S. cities. In the tradition of AUNTS, this evening will feature multiple performers, overlapping performances, open dance parties, multi-disciplinary, body/non-body based, time oriented, finished/experimental/unfinished/process art, but with an Oakland twist.

PPL (including but not limited to Thea Little, Brian McCorkle, Esther Neff, Sarah McSherry, Ellen O’Meara, and Butch Merigoni) will practice processes from Any Size Mirror is a Dictator.
On APRIL 6, 2014 (the following day, Sunday)
SALTA and PPL hold a PUBLIC SUMMIT on TOURING. Click HERE for more information and to join! It is free and all are welcome!

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