The Kitchen

A few interesting things upcoming at the Kitchen…..

The first is a video project by Peter Welz, an excerpt from a series in collaboration with the reknown William Forsythe. The opening will be December 15th……

The second is “Dance and Process,” the final performance of a seven week workshop. Curated by Miguel Gutierrez. Work by Daniel Linehan, Melanie Maar, and Jillian Peña.

From the Kitchen’s release:

Peter Welz: video-sculpture

December 15, 2006–February 10, 2007

Opening Reception:
Friday, December 15 6-8pm

This first New York solo exhibition by the Berlin-based artist Peter Welz is part of a series of collaborations with choreographer William Forsythe that stems from their shared interest in the work of Samuel Beckett. In this new project, a video depicting Forsythe’s physical interpretation of a written phrase derived from Beckett is projected onto an architectural construction. This structure’s contours, in turn, are Welz’s transposition of Forsythe’s movements into abstract three-dimensional form. Combining elements of video, sculpture, and drawing, the installation offers a complex meditation on both the physical and mental processes by which we perceive, and make sense of, the figure in space.

Exhibition hours are Tuesday-Friday, 12-6pm and Saturday, 11-6pm.

Dance and Process:
Daniel Linehan, Melanie Maar, and Jillian Peña

Wednesday, December 20 8pm
Thursday, December 21 8pm

Tickets $10

Curated by Miguel Gutierrez
The culmination of a seven-week group process of sharing work and receiving structured feedback, this evening features new work by choreographers Daniel Linehan, Melanie Maar, and Jillian Peña. In Human Content Pile, Daniel Linehan questions what happens when everyday banality confronts the desire for impossible ideals. Accumulating material from his daily choreographic process, Linehan collaborates with dancers Anna Carapetyan, Natalie Green, Michael Helland, and Miriam Wolf along with Minneapolis-based writer/composer Erik Belgum, who provides a text-based score. In DOPA – Duo in Process – Melanie Marr transforms the movement vocabulary typical of Parkinson’s disease, which her father has, into choreography. In contact with patients, neurologists, and artists living with the disease, she explores the ways in which conscious and subconscious triggers stimulate how bodies move. The performers are Mariangela Lopez and Marr, and sound is by Dylan Stanfield with Maar. In her solo performance The Promised Land, Jillian Peña invites the audience to participate in constructing a live improvised fantasy while moving through hope and failure in an imaginary landscape of dreams and opportunities.

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