If You Happen To Be In Europe

A Choreographed Exhibition

Curated By Mathieu Copeland

Featuring Works By:  Fia Backström, Jonah Bokaer, Philippe Egli
Karl, Holmqvist, Jennifer Lacey, Roman Ondák, Michael Parsons and Michael Portnoy

Exhibition Dates:
November 8th to December 21st, 2008 

Saturday, November 8th

A Choreographed Exhibition is an exhibit composed exclusively of movements.  For a month and a half, three dancers assume the exhibition spaces and interpret choreographed movements, gestures, and behaviors, following the scores and instructions devised by seven artists from the fields of choreography, music, and visual art. In the absence of scenery, lighting or music, the choreography is set in an empty gallery, where the dancers command complete attention. In curator Mathieu Copeland’s exhibition, the perspective of the viewer is fundamentally changed: it is no longer revolves around a stationary object, but instead, moving subjects revolve around the viewer, assuming varying proximities to each spectator.

Co-Produced by The Kunsthalle S t Gallen, Center for Contemporary Art de la Ferme du Buisson, with the generous support of the Embassy of the United States of America and Hipotel (Jonesboro).

Centre d’art de la Ferme du Buisson 
Scène nationale de Marne-la-Vallée
Allée de la Ferme – Noisiel
77448 Marne-la-Vallée Cedex 2
tél : +33 1 64 62 77 00 


Free Shuttle Departure: 
Place de la Bastille 14 
Reservations  –  +33 1 64 62 77 77

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