Colin Gee at the Whitney this week

In conjunction with the Whitney exhibit Alexander Calder: The Paris Years (1926-1933), artist Colin Gee will be performing a new series at the Whitney twice this week. Details:

“Objective Suspense, a Whitney Live commission conceived and performed by Colin Gee, is a serious of intimate performance experiences inspired by Alexander Calder’s innovative idea of movement and the love of the circus.

Though no one but the artist could animate Calder’s Circus-an early example of performance art-Gee’s surprise interventions, using figures of his own devising, charge the atmosphere of the gallery with parallel senses of suspense and animation

With Calder’s Circus nearby, Gee manipulates abstract forms in several short acts that focus on the dynamics of movement.  Using eye contact, rhythm, play, and stillness, Gee re-orients perceptions of the circus itself.”

Performance times are unnannounced to maintain a sense of surprise but will repeat every 15 minutes for at least several hours. I hear Wednesday and Sunday afternoon this week are a good times to go…

Two Spheres with a SphereTwo Spheres within a Sphere, Calder, 1931

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