Iaspis Voice Over

This looks interesting. Perhaps bringing some rigor to performance in a visual art context?

Iaspis is proud to present the publication Voice Over – on staging, activism and performative strategies in contemporary art practices. It will be launched during the opening days of the 2009 Venice Biennale and distributed worldwide by Sternberg Press.

Voice Over is the first part of an ongoing project examining staging, theatricality and performative strategies in contemporary art practices. The publication includes contributions by the artists Miriam Bäckström,  Goldin+SennebySaskia HolmkvistFia-Stina Sandlund and by Geist magazine, staging the spheres of invisibility, the voices of corporate culture, the manipulative power of contemporary role play, in addition to a cinematic re-reading of an iconic theatre play, informed by feminist theory. It also includes an essay by curator and writer Anselm Franke – Afterword on the Theatre of Transgression – and an introduction by Iaspis’ director, Cecilia WidenheimVoice Over is published by Sternberg Press in collaboration with Iaspis. In conjunction with the launch of Voice Overin Venice 09, Geist magazine will publish a special issue devoted to the notion of theatricality.

Thursday 4th June (invitation) 
At 5 pm: A talk with fictional author KD about her forthcoming novel Looking for Headless.Presented by Goldin+Senneby. 
Taverna del Campiello Remer, Rialto

Friday 5th June (invitation) 
At 5 pm: A performance by Fia-Stina Sandlund. 
INTERIOR: A CAFÉ IN VENICE – DAY. Julie in an interview about the movie. 
Gervasuti Foundation 
Fondamente S. Anna, Giardini 

Iaspis is the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual Artists

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