Weekend Wrap-Up

Hi All, this is Andy. I apologize for the paucity of posts and send big thanks to Maura Donohue and Tim Braun for picking up the slack around Culturebot headquarters!

It was a pretty action-packed show-going weekend. Started things off on Friday night with SOUNDING at HERE which was a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect since it was based on Ibsen, not exactly known as a party guy, but the rock music and the video and the performers’ energy made it a good time. Definitely a bit melodramatic and soap-y at times, but overall I enjoyed it.

Saturday afternoon I went to see Bette Bourne and Mark Ravenhill in A LIFE IN THREE ACTS at St. Ann’s Warehouse, a lovely understated autobiographical show about Bette’s life.  It reminded me a little of Tom Murrin’s solo show THE TALKING SHOW because generationally they are both of the same age and they personify that kind of radical personal transformation that happened to people in the Sixties and early 70’s. But while Tom Murrin’s persona is more of a Cosmic Trickster and Holy Fool trip, Bette Bourne became a Gay Icon and theatrical revolutionary, mixing politics and show biz in equal parts. Both shows made me a bit nostalgic for a time I never experienced first hand (I was a little baby Culturebot at the time) and both shows were inspiring in different ways. But  A LIFE IN THREE ACTS carries a certain historical import and significance to it.  It can feel a bit slight at times but Bette is a winning performer and engaging personality and Ravenhill’s role as dryly amused, droll interviewer suits him.

Saturday night we stayed in. We wanted to see the Walter Dundervill show at the Chocolate Factory but even the late show was sold out. Drat! So we avoided the cold rain and wind and stayed in, watching Hulu.com and catching up on Caprica.

Sunday we finally got to see Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ NEIGHBORS which was every bit as groundbreaking and edgy as we remembered from PRELUDE.  We look forward to whatever Branden is cooking up next!

And for those of you who are following these sorts of things, I start my new job on Monday! I’ll be at LMCC, cooking up all kinds of fun artsy stuff.

OH and don’t forget to mark your calendars for March 28th and the Golden Sound Camp Meeting at Glasslands. I will be “performing” alongside a host of other much more talented people as part of a benefit for Andrew Dinwiddie’s upcoming show GET MAD AT SIN!

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