Save the Date for Stateless at Joe's Pub

Stateless: A Hip Hop Vaudeville
by Dan Wolf and Tommy Shepherd with Keith Pinto
Music by One Ring Zero and Felonious
Inspired by original songs by the Gebrüder Wolf (Brothers Wolf)
Directed by Ellen Sebastian Chang

Wild and wildly successful, Stateless is a labyrinth of hip hop performance, live music, theater, vaudeville shtick, magic tricks, history and re-mixed folk songs starring Felonious members Dan Wolf, Tommy Shepherd and Keith Pinto and Brooklyn’s One Ring Zero (Michael Hearst and Joshua Camp). It is a show about performance and performers, brothers and friends, the past and the present and connects these contemporary performers to a famous, 1920s German-Jewish vaudeville troupe, The Gebrüder Wolf.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 9:30PM at Joe’s Pub

Felonious kills every live show it touches. From the six-piece live hip hop band to award winning theater productions such as Angry Black White Boy and Stateless: A Hip Hop Vaudeville this collective of rappers, actors, beat boxers, musicians, dancers and writers are “known to turn Hip Hop shows into ass-shaking Musical Theater”.

“One Ring Zero’s ethno-pop could have been played in the background of a Balkan-embassy party in the 1930s, but that’s not all there is to the band: The songs on its ambitious As Smart As We Are–which features lyrics by literary figures including Paul Auster, Rick Moody and Margaret Atwood–touch on They Might Be Giants whimsy, Residents-style unease, Tom Waits clank and Marianne Faithful melancholy.” -Time Out New York

Leopold and Ludwig Isaac, aka the “Gebrüder Wolf” (Brothers Wolf), recorded over 600 songs including Hamburg’s anthem “An de Eck steiht´n Jung mit´n Tüdelband” (On the corner stands a boy with a hoop) in 1911. The boys from Hamburgs “Neustadt/New City” entertained their audiences with parodies, humorous songs and farcical scenes while earning the reputation of being Hamburg’s Marx Brothers. The Gebrüder Wolf had their artistic breakthrough with the revue “Rund um die Alster” (Around the Alster Lake) in which they incorporated their legendary characters Fietje and Tetje, two workers from the harbor. After the Nazi takeover it was forbidden for the “Gebrüder Wolf” to perform in public. Their most popular songs were still sung by the people in Hamburg but hits such as “Tüdelband”, “Snuten un Poten”, “Dat Paddelboot”, “De kugelrunde Deern” and the many other popular songs were officially treated as “authorship unknown”. To learn more about the Gebrüder Wolf go to

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