Game Play 2010 at The Brick

On Tuesday night Culturebot went out to dinner with an old college buddy. He is a big honcho in the video game world, and we had a long discussion about the relevance of live performance and the possibilities of work at the intersection of video games and theater. So I was excited to see this press release in my inbox from The Brick about GAME PLAY:A CELEBRATION OF VIDEO GAME PERFORMANCE ART that will be running from July 7-25, 2010.

From the release:

Is art playable? Are video games cinematic? Is machinima theatrical? Are smartphones a stage? Is there an architecture that connects these diverse media forms? What boundaries can be broken within (and without) the walls of an Off-Off Broadway Theater to change your view? With the increasing maturity of the modern video game, the possibilities for multi-media cross-over artworks cry out to be explored. Game Play explores the collision of technology, theater, performance art, and video game culture by staging the collaborative work of performance and media artists across the digital spectrum.

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