Incubator Arts Project Summer Season

Formerly a project of the Ontological-Hysteric Theater, the Incubator Arts Project supports independent, experimental performing artists through a series of programs aimed at offering production opportunities and guidance with long-term growth and artistic sustainability.

This is their first summer season:

The Little Death: Vol. 1
By Matt Marks
Directed by Rafael Gallegos
July 8—17
Matt Marks’s “post-Christian nihilist pop opera” The Little Death: Vol. 1 follows two characters, a boy and a girl, on a journey through the world of Fundamentalist Evangelism as they cope with repressed sexuality in a modern world. The score mashes together catchy electro-pop songs, alt-classical compositions, and southern gospel standards in a manner that is both inviting and unsettling. Featuring Matt Marks and Mellissa Hughes.

31 Down
Red Over Red
July 22—August 7
Red Over Red utilizes 31 Down’s trademark intense sound design to delve into our media’s sensationalized coverage of airline disasters. Following four characters working in and around the airline industry, notions of premonition and paranoia are explored. Featuring DJ Mendel, Caitlin McDonough-Thayer, Ryan Holsopple and Risa Sarachan.

Everywhere Theatre Group
The Internet
August 12—21
Everywhere Theatre Group attempts to stage the world wide web in The Internet. Fusing dance, movement, video, music, original and found texts, ETG examines what lies beneath the cool, sleek surface of the information super highway. By asking what propels people into the shadowy underworld of the world wide web where one desires to objectify bodies and see people fail, ETG aims to find the root of human connection at its newest form.

Ben Forster
Edibles Incorporated
August 26—28

Edibles Incorporated, the nation’s largest purveyor of beef, is forced to re-structure their entire modus operandi after an aggressive American cattle epidemic renders beef a quickly evaporating commodity. Imported beef prices skyrocket, fast-food-chains charge three digits for iconic sandwiches and the national burger-count continues to drop as society hurriedly attempts to consume history. International trade relations, the obscene American diet and corporate imperialism are explored via a series of pressure-cooker meetings cartoonishly depicting powerful idiots under duress.

Aw Keats! Keats, Mother F***er
September 2—4
Aw Keats! Keats, Mother F***er is first and foremost a show about trial and error, as seen through the lives of John Keats, the 19th century poet and Jonathon Keats, the 20th century conceptual artist/philosopher. Split into two segments, the show focuses on a pivotal moment in each of the men’s lives—the publication of John Keats’ first book, Poems, in 1817 and the debut of Jonathon Keats’ first show in 2000, when he sat in a chair and thought for 24 hours. Through the similarities and differences of these two men, we pose the question: where does an individual artist stand after his debut work?

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