Blood Red Lost Head Dead Falcon: The Nibelungen

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Next weekend in Los Angeles is collision/theory’s BLOOD RED LOST HEAD DEAD FALCON: THE NIBELUNGEN which deconstructs the ancient Nibelungen tale into a wild, multi-media performance piece. It will be at Highways from June 25 – 27.

Blood Red Lost Head Dead Falcon: THE NIBELUNGEN references The Nibelungenlied’s ancient tale of magic, love, loyalty and revenge, while deconstructing it in a wild, collaged, mash up performance piece, that utilizes projected animation sequences, video art, original music, live performance, movement sequences and lyrical language.

collision/theory is Producer/Visual Artist Lyn Gaza (Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings), Writer/Director Aaron Henne (Sliding Into Hades), Movement Artist /Actor Julie Lockhart (Model Behavior) and Visual Artist/Designer Michael Manning (Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings).

collision/theory will be collaborating with a talented design crew that includes German Visual Artist and Costume Designer Nike Schroeder, Specialty Costume Designer Molly McGee (Hell Boy II: The Golden Army), Sound Designer MartĂ­n Carrillo (Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings), and Lighting Designer Dan Weingarten (Long Beach Opera, Orpheus and Eurydice).

Anybody going? Let us know!

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