The Octoroon Delayed – Opens This Week at PS122

Apparently production delays resulted in canceling this past weekend’s performances of THE OCTOROON. We’re still looking forward to it when it opens on this week at PS122. We got to be in an early reading of the script and let me tell you, it is CRAZY! I’m sure that Mr. Jacobs-Jenkins will pull through with a provocative and thoughtful interpretation. Here’s an interview with Branden by Alexis Soloski in the Voice.

Here’s the write-up from the website:

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins tackles Dion Boucicault’s infamous melodrama about Americans. (And slavery.) A bombastic, super-theatrical, full-scale investigation of that classic intersection of theatre and identity politics, this play with “real” actors, “real” sets, “real” costumes – and what might turn out to be a “real” slave auction – seeks to get to the bottom of why New York audiences can’t seem to get enough of plays about and racism and America.

Written and Directed by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, in collaboration with Johnson Henshaw and Allison Lyman; Producer: Johnson Henshaw; Dramaturg: Allison Lyman; Costume Design: Abigail Hahn; Sound Design: Jesse Rudoy; Make Up Design: John Carter; Light Design: Kevin Hardy; Assistant Director: Lacy Warner

Featuring: Karl Allen, Travis York*, Ben Beckley, Chris Manley, Gabe Levey*, Jake Hart*, Jason Black, Danny Manley, Margaret Flanagan*, Amber Gray*, Mary Wiseman, LaToya Lewis, Kim Gainer*, Sasheer Zamata

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