Crystal Pite/Kidd Pivot Comes to Montclair University

Oh suckiness…didn’t notice this one till it’s probably too late to plan to take a quick weekend roadtrip out to Montclair University, where Vancouver, B.C.-based choreographer Crystal Pite’s company Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM is performing one of their newer works, Dark Matters, in its regional debut this Thursday through Sunday, Oct. 21-24 (tickets $15). The work unfolds in two sections, both featured in the trailer above. The first, a largely narrative-spectacle section, is the story of puppet-maker killed by his own creation. The second section is a far more traditional piece of choreography on a much less spectacle-y stage. Check here for an interview-profile of Pite when the work showed as part of the Cultural Olympiad in Vancouver, and here for another feature on the piece.

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