Save the Date for Red Shoes at St. Ann’s Warehouse

Greetings from London! After a long hiatus from Culturebot, a wonderful performance which will soon be traveling to NYC urges me to write. From November 19 through December 12, 2010, Cornwell based Kneehigh theater company will present “The Red Shoes” at St.Ann’s Warehouse. Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s well-known fairy tale, Kneehigh’s adaptation is dark, intelligent and playful. I attended a performance at the Oxford Playhouse where, to my surprise, several high schools from the area had decided to bring students to see the performance. It was fantastic to be among a largely adolescent audience for a show which turned out to be replete with sexual ambiguity and dark humor – you might want to surround yourself with a younger crowd if you are able to! Kneehigh has been around since 1980 and shows no sign of slowing down – if you miss this chance to see their work you might want to keep your ears out for future tours. That is all for now – I would love to hear what you thought of the show if you do get around to seeing it. Cheers! Beatrice

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