Toni Dove’s “Spectropia” Comes to the Kitchen

This Friday, NYC-based video/performance artist Toni Dove‘s Spectropia opens at the Kitchen (tickets $15). Based on almost two decades’ worth of work, Spectropia is a “scratchable movie”: using custom software that operates a complex set of controls, a group of live performers are able mix, slow, scratch, and otherwise affect the filmic component of the show that streams through up to six channels of video.

The story, set in the not-so-distant future, is that of an amateur archeologist named Spectropia living in an ultra-late-capitalist England in which possession or documentation of the past isn’t allowed, forcing people to live in a constant state of perpetual consumption. Spectropia fetishizes the past, though, and winds up time-travelling to 1931 New York. It’s a sci-fi/noir film deconstruction exploring desire, consumption, and capitalism, performed as a live video spectacle, and not to drop the critical facade I like to wear, but I think it sounds awesome. It only runs for three performances, though, so be sure to get your tickets in advance.

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