Culturebot’s Weekend Plans: March 25, 2011

LA's My Barbarian at the Kitchen.

Thursday night Andy went to the rat-filled fun fest that was Arturo Vidich’s Body Island. Friday night, if all goes according to plan, he will attend Jen Rosenblit’s workshop showing at DTW and then Adrienne Truscott’s show at Danspace. Saturday during the day there is a good likelihood that Andy will find himself at FEEDER at HERE Arts Center followed by an 8PM performance of the Merce Cunningham Company at the Joyce. Sunday is a wild card – who knows what cultural pleasures the day will bring? Odds are its going to be a Battlestar Galactica Marathon.

Tonight, Maura Hogan is off to National Theater of Scotland’s Beautiful Burnout at St. Ann’s.

The British National Theater’s spectacle War Horse is taking Jane up to Lincoln Center.

Maura Donohue caught Adrienne Truscott’s dress rehearsal Tuesday night for Ha! at Danspace Project, witnessed The Chocolate Factory’s off-site presentation of Arturo Vidich’s performance/installation/video shoot Body Island last night at Abrons Art Center, talked to Jen Rosenblit who shows Salivate if you could for DTW’s Studio Series tonight and tomorrow at 6pm, and plans to head to The Chocolate Factory for Sarah Maxfield’s love letter to the NYC Performance Community (interview here) tomorrow night. In between all that, she’ll be guest teaching for Dan Safer’s class at NYU’s Playwrights Horizons program, introducing her kids to the first Star Wars movie, and kiddie-show gigging on Staten Island with her old neighbors Hot Peas n’ Butter.

Alyssa is having a well-deserved vacation from culture this weekend and has nothing to report.

Like everyone else, Jeremy was checking out Arturo Vidich’s rat-filled show at Abrons last night. Tonight it’s Vampire Cowboys at the Incubator, tomorrow it’s My Barbarian’s one-night-only Broke People’s Baroque People’s Theater at the Kitchen, and then Sunday, it’s Irish Modern Dance Theater’s Fall and Recover at La MaMa.

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