THEATREclub’s Clock Radio Stealing Show at Dublin’s Project Arts Centre

It’s almost August and with performance in New York about as interesting in hearing yet another comment on the miserable weather, today we look across the Atlantic at an interesting piece that’s up for one night only, August 6, at Dublin’s Project Arts Centre: THEATREclub STOLE Your CLOCK RADIO What the FUCK You Gonna Do About It?

THEATREclub is a young company that, along with like-minded artists such as ThisIsPopBaby, promises to help revitalize contemporary Irish theater, proving the Emerald Isle has more to offer than just retreads of text-heavy theater classics and Gavin Quinn’s Pan Pan. THEATREclub has produced about a half-dozen shows (depending on how you look at it) since 2009, where they made their Dublin Fringe debut. The qualification comes from the fact that THEATREclub have served as much as an incubator as a producing collective, by sponsoring a near annual festival of new works called The Theatre Machine Turns You On at Project Arts Center (read about it in Irish Theatre Magazine).

THEATREclub STOLE Your CLOCK RADIO was the company’s own submission to the first volume of that series, in December 2009, and it toured Ireland in early summer of 2010. Chaotic and churlish, it was a response to the ongoing Irish economic implosion, which transformed what was once the wet dream of American capitalists into the sick-man of Europe, bar Greece. Anyway, the company are bringing it back for a one-night-only performance and party on August 6.

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