Maria Hassabi’s SHOW at The Kitchen

Maria Hassabi is always adventurous and exciting. Whether creating work inspired by the performance aesthetics of fashion or challenging the very meaning of dance in her collaboration with Robert Steijn, Hassabi can be expected to upend our expectations.

On Thursday through Saturday, November 3–5, The Kitchen presents SHOW, Hassabi’s new evening-length, installation-based performance. SHOW features performers Hristoula Harakas and Hassabi, sound design by composer Alex Waterman, lighting by Joe Levasseur, and a set designed by Hassabi in collaboration with visual artist Scott Lyall, who provides dramaturgy for the work along with artist Marcos Rosales.

Performances are at 8:00 P.M. with an additional performance at 10:00 P.M. on Friday evening, at The Kitchen (512 West 19th Street). Tickets are $15.

I read the description of the installation/performance and still have no idea what it will be. Sounds immersive/interactive and, possibly, unsettling. We’re seeing the show on Thursday and will report back.

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