Moving Forward with Vernon Scott

Transitions and life changes are always challenging and sometimes exhilarating. Dancers, however, face transitioning out of their chosen art form at a relatively young age. It’s a process that can take years to fully flower and for most, it means redefining themselves as artists and individuals.

As a former dancer myself, I wanted to document a few of these stories in a series called Moving Forward. This one is about Vernon Scott, a Juilliard graduate and veteran of several modern dance companies. Scott, 52, left dance about 12 years ago and has freelanced as a caterer, a special events planner in the fashion industry, and as a fundraiser for the 360° Dance Company and the Martha Hill Dance Fund. He found a mentor at the furniture company Grange and went on to become the national Public Relations Manager for AGA Ranges, Marvel and Northland Refrigeration. After considerable success in the corporate world he’s shifted gears again to become Special Events Manager and Executive Assistant to the Artistic Director at the Baryshnikov Arts Center. Here is his story:

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