En Route

Eleanor Smith and Weena Pauly in Here Are The Mountains. Photo by Paula Lobo.

What does it feel like inside your bones

I’d ask it differently

Eleanor, Weena, Katie
Katie, Eleanor, Weena
Weena, Katie, Eleanor
Is this fun
Is this forgotten
Is this enough
Is this fucked
Is this now
Is this boring
Is this interlude
For you to go off of
Go off

They remind me to breathe
I hope
I remind them I am here.
An addendum:
Prologue, epilogue, middle part, no one cares, though
Check your phone, call your ______
Say ______

The only ones who shout like this
No, performers
The only ones who sway like this
The only ones who sing like this
The only ones who wear clogs like this
Where, clogs
We’re clogs, now.
Scenic route
Not one
Prefer to

These are remnants
Chipped away with care
Anti-apology, too
Remnants of memory
Remnants of story
Remnants of lights shining
Of snacks uneaten
Of pets that passed
Of your makeup bag, its contents across the floor
Of your free coffees, you’ll never drink or spill or redeem
You left a mess
Clean it up

Zip all your zippers
Count all your money
There are still mistakes
To be made
But, everything breaks
Breaks down (fact)
Breaks apart (fact)
Breaks even (theory)
What, you ask?
This dance
This street
Your politics
Your shirt threads
Your choices
And, oh yeah,
The planet.

Nothing you own
Is yours
But, please,
Leave the space as you
Found it.

Katie Workum in Here Are The Mountains. Photo by Paula Lobo.

Between Walled Rooms is a series of freeform responses to live performance works, initiated by Tara Sheena. This work is a response to Katie Workum’s Here Are The Mountains, which premiered at Brooklyn Studios for Dance in April 2017.

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