Fusebox Festival 2010 Line-Up (So Far)

WHEN: April 21- May 1, 2010

WHERE: 10+ venues throughout Austin, TX

COST: $130 Passes

WEB: www.fuseboxfestival.com

“There will probably be a few more additions of note, but this is about 80%.”

-Ron Berry, Founder and Artistic Director of Fusebox Festival

At the end of the announcement party at east Austin’s Okay Mountain art gallery it hit me how amusing a statement Berry had said. The 7th Annual Fusebaox Festival, a catalyst for interaction between live performance, visual art, installation, theater, dance and music that covers a numerous venues throughout the Austin already includes Big Dance Theater, John Kelly, Luke Savisky, Greg Brooker, Theater Replacement, Rude Mechanicals, Daniel Barrow, Kristen Kosmas, Action Hero, Phil Soltanoff, Kaiji Moriyama, Frederick Gravel, Allison Orr, Graham Reynolds, Mike Smith, Wura Ogunji, Heloise Gold, the afore mentioned Okay Mountain, and local darlings Rubber Rep. On top of that the festival will start on the steps of the State Capitol Building, move to the historic Paramount Theater, the Austin Museum of Art, The Long Center for the Performing Arts, Off Center (home of the Rude Mechs), Salvage Vanguard, Okay Mountain, the MASS Gallery, the U.S. Art Authority, and that is just the start.

I could go on-and-on about the performances and productions I want to see (which are all of them, yet a few specific groups are keeping me up at night with anticipation), but I’d much rather ask-if this is Ron Berry’s 80%, what on earth will the 100% look like? I’ve placed selected links in the above paragraph. Check them out and see what 80% can do.

Timothy Braun

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