LAX Launch Pad Takes Off September 19

Things are happening in Los Angeles, and it is not just the upcoming Radar LA. The kids are doing it for themselves and September 19 will see LAUNCH PAD happen – the first event of the first ever Live Arts Exchange (LAX), a new contemporary performance series featuring all local LA artists.

According to the press release:

Over sixty local artists are involved with LAX, from intermingling communities in contemporary dance, theater, experimental animation and even punk opera. Timur & the Dime Museum, Miwa Matreyek, Meg Wolfe, and Poor Dog Group represent just a sampling of LA-based artists involved who perform at well respected
venues across the country.

LAUNCH PAD alone will feature well over fifty incredible artists as the point of departure for the rest of the festival. The singular event will premiere new contemporary dance pieces from choreographer Kitty McNamee of Hysterica Dance Co. and feature new works by choreographer Mecca Vazie Andrews and The MOVEMENT Movement. There will be live musical performances by indiepop
songstress Coco Morier (Electrocute), Jesse Nolan and members of his band Caught a Ghost (+1 Records) and rapper VERBS.

Oh for a travel budget! Wish I could make it out there to see what’s going on. Pretty soon I reckon we’ll all be out there where the weather’s always good, rent is affordable and where you’re only ever just a hop, skip and a jump from Rising Asia!

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