Andrew Schneider at The Chocolate Factory

Oi! The 7 trains are running this weekend (thanks to the continued slushfest), so there’s no reason for you to miss multimedia/interactive designer and performer, Andrew Schneider’s riotous tonic to the endless winter malaise festering in your subconscious.  He’s at the Chocolate Factory tonight and tomorrow with “Wow and Flutter,” a frenetic, witty, disorienting explosion of linear time.  Despite my whiny pre-school roommate’s exasperated “why do you always have to go to a show?” I knew I was in need of a fix in the wake of Bruno Beltrao’s departure and this did it.  I’m still crackling and a little slack-jawed from the impact.

In Schneider’s hands, time gets trashed.  The work begins with a satisfying  jolt and ends in a beautiful meditation.  I don’t want to describe much of what he does because I found the surprising shifts to be a great part of the wild, palindromic rabbit-hole ride he takes us on. And, I’m expecting you to go – so catch up with me later and we can talk about specific moments. Schneider’s worked with The Wooster Group, developed a solar bikini that can charge your ipod, and weaves a great tale.  He’s a charming and disarming performer, the physicality is fantastic, and the break down of the rules of masculinity and memory are stimulating.  The integration of visuals, systems for processing live and pre-existing (what does that even mean in this work?) material, and the various methods and means of delivery satisfied both my visceral and nerdbot needs.

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