Rock Band Wanted for International Collaboration

In November P.S. 122 will present Philippe Quesne‘s Itching of the Wings (along with Alexia Monduit‘s Push) as part of the Act French! Festival.

Both of these performances, though strikingly different, are elaborate multimedia installations. They’re going to be amazing!

If you are in a rock band, you could have the chance to collaborate with Philippe Quesne. Without giving too much away, there is a rock band needed for Itching of the Wings. Preferably alt/indie, preferably a three-piece (bass, drums, guitar). Got an ensemble that fits the bill? Email andyATps122DOTorg for more information. Or send in a CD (or email links to mp3s).

8 thoughts on “Rock Band Wanted for International Collaboration”

  1. la lectrice says:

    you’re using the word “collaborate” here. are you hiring musicians to compose and perform original music or are you hiring a band to perform music that has been already been composed?

  2. la lectrice says:

    was this entry written by Andy Horwitz, Associate Producer of Performance Space 122?

    is Culturebot the webzine of Performance Space 122?

  3. la lectrice says:

    This article is not very clear. I wanted to know if P.S. 122 is hiring musicians to compose and perform original music for Itching of the Wings or if P.S. 122 is hiring musicans to perform music that has already been composed.

    Before I send musicians to you, would you clarify if you are hiring composer/peformers or if you are hiring performers? Also, what is the pay for this job?

  4. andy says:

    Hi Lectrice (I’m sorry but I don’t know your real name)

    I tried to email you directly but it bounced so I’m posting here. unfortunately we get a lot of comment spam so I often miss comments, which is why I asked for people to email me directly in the post, but anyway:

    Yes, Culturebot is PS122’s webzine. I started it in January 2004 but we try and do more than just PS122 stuff. I want to serve as a hub for the downtown community which is why I always solicit submissions from new writers and am always looking for people to help out.

    In terms of ITCHING – I am looking for musicians or an existing rock band to play their own material for a short period of time during this performance/installation.

    I don’t know how much $$ I will have to pay at this point. It really depends on how much it costs to put the show on, but it will be a very, very, very small amount.

    Mostly it is a chance to get to perform in a non-bar environment for a different audience and meet some artists from another country. Also, PS122 has an ongoing music/performance series called SCHOOLHOUSE ROXX and we are, of course, hoping to build relationships with artists who are exploring the intersection between music and performance.

    To follow up please email me directly at andyATps122DOTorg.


  5. Alex says:

    I’m interested in your offer. Here is a link for my demotracks: Waiting to hear from you.

  6. John says:

    Parklane are NOW!

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