culturebot out of town

on friday evening we went to philadelphia to see pig iron theatre‘s Mission to Mercury, which was really delightful. A surreal trip through the Queen songbook, loosely telling the tale of two techies who are haunted and transformed by the ghosts of rock glories past. It was funny – the two tech guys are very laurel & hardy meets wayne’s world – and also weird and touching. it is finished in philly so unless they figure out how to tour it you probably missed out. sorry. maybe when culturebot figures out how to get the multi-city version happening this sort of stuff will get on your radar sooner.

and in other news San Francisco is trying to change the way it manages arts funding and we hear this is quite controversial.

And an Australian composer is chosen to head the Edinburgh Festival. he inherits a festival with a million-pound debt and a fast-approaching programming deadline. Oh the wacky world of international arts festivals!

More NYC news soon.

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