Blog to Watch

Since our comments have been debilitated by the swarms of porn spammers attacking every open forum on the ‘net, as an alternate try Foot In Mouth, a blog dedicated to conversation within the dance community….. but without multiple posts. Apollinaire Scherr, who writes for Newsday regularly, occasionally for the New Yorker and the New York Times, blogs about responses she gets to her baiting posts about the dance world. All baiting in a good way, I promise. So it’s not a democracy, but hey it’s better than nothing. Don’t lose hope though, in time Culturebot’s comments will be back up and thriving. This plug is just to tide you over for those nights you JUST MUST gripe about Jack Anderson.

And if you want to really show how much you love Culturebot, since you can no longer post adoring sonnets to Andy Horwitz (who’s really working the Mexican tan by the way) ……. become an official friend of Culturebot at MySpace……..Everybody’s doing it…….

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