from nature – summer group show

Eric Hollender, who runs the monthly video collective @ IRT has some of his work up in this awesome gallery show, alongside some pretty impressive company. the hours are kind of weird because it is summer, so go check it out while you can!
from nature – summer group show

Ai Weiwei, Louise Bourgeois, Carroll Dunham, Olafur Eliasson, Peter Fischli/David Weiss, Eric Hollender, Carsten Höller, Tony Matelli, Bruce Nauman, Olaf Nicolai, Gerhard Richter, Ed Ruscha, Thomas Schütte, Alyson Shotz, Kiki Smith, and Jeff Wall

July 2–August 8, 2008Summer Hours: Tuesday–Friday 11 – 5

carolina nitsch project room
534 w22 bet 10 and 11

534 WEST 22ND STREET NEW YORK NY 10011 TEL 212 645 2030

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