Here’s a big THANK YOU to all the artists, audience members, curators, thinkers, do-ers, staff and supporters of PRELUDE ’08. This year was absolutely phenomenal.  Pretty much every showing and talkback and panel was full, there was performance in the library, the halls, the lobby, the auditoriums, on the street and even in Second Life! (I finally got it going on Saturday afternoon thanks to the invaluable help of Streamguys!)  We had an awesome opening party at Chorus Karaoke with live performance/installation from Big Art Group and a throw-down drinkfest celebratory closing night party at Under the Volcano on Saturday night –  sponsored by the Polish Cultural Institute…..And we got a great write-up in TimeOut! Phew!

The artists showed amazing works-in-progress, the panelists were all insightful and articulate, the audiences were engaged and active and enthusiastic. YAY!!!!

We will post Rachel Roberts’ photos and Michael Arthur’s illustrations as soon as we catch our collective breath….

Thanks again and see you all soon in theaters all around town!



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