no surprises

last saturday i went to see Jack Ferver in the afternoon and LIZ ONE at Chocolate Factory in the evening. In between, after a chat over tea with friends, I made my way over LIC and spent a bit of time at Dominie’s Hoek. As it rained outside and proceeded to get darker I sat in the pub with a pint and a book, warm and sinking into warmness. It reminded me of years ago, winter late afternoons spent in Seattle’s Comet Tavern, drinking and smoking and writing poetry. Ah youth. I suppose in this day and age, in this city, it is not terribly fashionable to opine over the simple comforts of a warm pub, a cold pint and a rainy afternoon, the beautiful melancholy pleasure of slightly dulled senses during the half dream of winter and warmth and wet. But anyway – it made me feel like this:

which is slightly different than when covered by Kiki and Herb. Since I couldn’t find that, I offer this one:

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