Frank Hentschker Talks About Culturebot

As 2013 kicks off and our first-ever fundraising campaign winds down, we’re still hoping that you’ll help us make this year a big success by joining The Citizen Critic Project.

In case you still need a good reason, listen to Frank Hentschker. Frank is one of the most widely respected and admired figures in NYC contemporary theater and performance. Since taking the reins at the Martin E Segal Theatre Center at the Graduate Center at CUNY and launching the annual Prelude Festival, he has made an indelible mark on our community. He has created a place that bridges the gap between academia, practitioners and audiences, supporting thoughtful conversation and deep investigation. Working with him as co-curator of the PRELUDE Festival for three years was transformative and working as a critical partner this past year marked another milestone in our ongoing collaborative efforts. We’re so honored that he took some time to say a few words on our behalf.

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