Let’s Go To The Video Tape!

In case you missed it live, here are videos of Culturebot events during January Festival Season in NYC last week. There is more to come this weekend at Under The Radar and, hopefully, more media to come in the next few weeks!

Here’s our presentation of The Brooklyn Commune Report at APAP:

Here’s our Scanning The Landscape Long Table at Under The Radar called “Performance, Technology & The Ever-Emerging Now”. We discussed how artists, scientists and technologists are working across boundaries to share expertise and develop new models for creating and engaging with performance.

Guests included Joe Diebes (artist/writer/composer), Yehuda Duenyas (Experience Designer), Miwa Matreyek & Chi-wang Yang (Cloud Eye Control), Gunalan Nadarajan (University of Michigan, School of Art & Design), Bill O’Brien (National Endowment for the Arts), Kamal Sinclair (Sundance Festival/New Frontiers) and Joel Slayton (Zero1 Biennial)

Here’s our Scanning The Landscape Long Table at Under The Radar on Diversity and Multiculturalism In A Global Context. We discussed the past, present and future of multiculturalism in a global world. How are different countries addressing issues of diversity while negotiating aesthetic and cultural differences? How do we, as artists and presenters, create meaningful contexts and conversations around the work itself?

Guests included Nora Chipaumire (Choreographer & Performer), Jonas Hassen Khemiri (playwright), Nike Jonah (Connecting Dots, UK), Erwin Maas (Theater director, Performing Arts, Dutch Consulate), Hassan Mahamdallie (Connecting Dots, UK), Gabri Christa, (Director/Choreographer Performing Arts, Dutch Consulate), Baraka Sele (Independent Consultant) and MK Wegmann (President, National Performance Network)

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