Monthly Archives: August 2004

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Arab Women Performance Night

One of my favorite events newsletters is Tom Tenney’s Toxic Pop. He always finds cool performance-y stuff to do in NYC. In this week’s edition, he has a listing for Arab Women Performance Night at the Alwan Center. Looks interesting, enlightening and challenging. Click through

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Greetings from Ho-Land, Part One

(Everybody’s favorite Culturebot contributor Rachel Shukert is spending the next 2-3 months in Amsterdam. This is the first of a series of reports from Old Europe) Well, it’s been a week and I’m starting to feel pretty much at home again in my erratically adopted

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They can’t handle the truth?

An article in Playbill, by way of ArtsJournal, announces the stepping-down of Margo Jefferson as the Times’s second-string theatre critic. “Producers and artists widely objected to what they perceived as the patronizing, professorial tone of her reviews, which often began with lofty pronouncements on the