Lizards and Leprechaun Piss, Oh My!

from Culturebot contributor Sarah Maxfield:

What do you do when Mom’s corned beef hash is miles away and your local Irish Pub is suddenly charging a cover? Easy. You cozy up on a couch at Dixon Place and enjoy some tasty, refreshing Leprechaun Piss (that would be beer) and dance-theater performances by Sara Juli, Clare Byrne and Amy Larimer. These three dance dynamos are performing as part of the Brink Series, curated by Kim Brandt. Sara Juli is one of those performers who plugs you directly into her brain, jolting you with bursts of energy and disarming you with bare honesty and emotion. Byrne and Larimer present a riff on “Cool” from West Side Story as iguanas who became monster movie stars in 1950s sci-fi films. Utterly Hilarious. Who knew that Jerome Robbins stole all his move from the cold-blooded duo? To find out the full story, head down to Dixon Place, located at 258 Bowery on the 2nd Floor, and shell out a mere $12. The show closes tonight at 8:00, so get there early, drink a beer and snag a comfy seat on the couch.

Sarah Maxfield is a director, choreographer, and arts administrator in NYC, and the artistic director of Red Metal Mailbox, a theater company that presents highly physical, original performance.

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