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Identity politics are anything but stable — “queer” and “gender” have morphed from nouns to verbs, pronouns are marginalizing, and the acronyms just keep getting longer. Luckily for the folks behind queer feminist journal LTTR, renewal is what gender is all about. They’ve even got a tricky acronym of their own, which first stood for Lesbians to the Rescue, then Listen Translate Translate Record. Tonight, LTTR curates “Let’s take the role”, a multimedia event featuring performance artist Nao Bustamante and music/video duo Marriage. Artists and editors K8 Hardy and Emily Roysdon should be on hand to help you tell your FTM from your SWF — but your P’s and Q’s don’t stand a chance.

Tonight, 3/22/2005, 8 pm at The Kitchen.

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