Museum of Dreams

this just in from Peter Petralia, Proto-Type and our pals at Chashama:



A six-hour performance installation (work-in-progress)
Developed in association with the Outside/Input Program of the Ontological Hysteric Theater

Four performances only starting May 19th at 208 W. 37th Street

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“Keep an eye out for this adventurous group…”- Time Out NY

“Petralia and his proto-type colleagues are innovators, pioneering a genuinely new kind of theatre.”

“[proto-type’s work is] always-inventive…an intelligent and entertaining merger of avant-garde and conventional performance styles” – Next Magazine

chashama presents Proto-type Theater’s MUSEUM OF DREAMS, a 6-hour performance installation that investigates the feverish affair of sleeping and questions our perception of waking using dance, circus and theater in a landscape of original music, industrial lighting and sculptural costumes. Audience members are encouraged to come and go as they please – admission is good for the entire six hours with re-entry good for the evening.

MUSEUM OF DREAMS is a fever dream of fantasy, where the line between real-time and dreamtime become so blurred that it is no longer clear what is real and what isn’t. Countless psychologists, theorists, theologians, writers, neurologists and great thinkers have investigated the science and meaning of dreaming. What exactly happens in the brain and body while we sleep – and what do the dreams we experience mean to our waking lives? How certain can we really be that what we dream is merely a figment of our imagination and how convinced are we that our walking, interacting daily lives are reality? MUSEUM OF DREAMS draws on sources as diverse as studies of sleeping disorders, the writings of Baudrillard, court cases of murders committed while sleepwalking and original text/choreography to create a living museum of the feverish affair of sleeping. Artistic Director, Peter S Petralia calls MUSEUM OF DREAMS “a major artistic undertaking which not only merges artistic forms like we’ve never done before but also challenges us to keep going for 6 hours – a representation of the minimum amount of sleep a healthy adult needs each night.”

MUSEUM OF DREAMS was created by Peter S Petralia, Mandy Caughey, Carlton Ward, Stacey Carlson, Olga Naiman/Aparat, Betsy Strong, Max Giteck Duykers, Nicole Jung and Rebecca MK Makus with an AREA Award from chashama and through a five-month residency with Ontological Hysteric Theater called Outside/Input. Proto-type Theater is dedicated to creating new works of live performance that give equal weight to form and content. Physical theatre, text, circus, original music, and evocative lighting merge into an unpredictably dynamic form through which Proto-type dissects modernity. Past productions include Cheap Thrills, Bunny’s Last Night in Limbo, The Twilight Series, Three Ring and About Silence for which Mr. Petralia was named a Person of the Year.

MUSEUM OF DREAMS performs May 19th and 20th starting at 7pm (entrance available until 12am), May 21st starting at 5pm (entrance available until 10pm) and May 22nd starting at 3pm (entrance available until 8pm). ALL TICKETS ARE $10.

chashama is located at 208 West 37th Street between 7th and 8th avenues. A/C/E or 1/2/3 to 34th Street. 212-252-5526 for tickets. for more information.

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