Outside/Input (slight return)

Culturebot readers may recall that back in June we talked with Morgan Pecelli and Daniel Nelson, curators of Outside/Input, the Ontological’s new interdisciplinary development series.

Well, the artists were selected in December and have been working over the past few months to make their work. Starting February 4th, and continuing through May, there will be monthly showings of the works-in-progress by D UNDERBELLY [Baraka de Soleil & Daniel Givens, Shannon Sindelar, Kevin Augustine’s Lone Wolf Tribe, Alec Duffy & Company, Performance Thanatology Research Society and Object Collection.

All events begin at 10pm in the Parish Hall, St. Mark’s Church, 131 East 10th Street. Tickets are $5 cash at the door

Performance Schedule and show descriptions after the jump.


February 4, 2006 – Works in Progress
First Dark Drama: D UNDERBELLY [Baraka de Soleil & Daniel Givens]
Two Girls On a Cliff: Shannon Sindelar

March 4, 2006 – Works in Progress
The Bride: Kevin Augustine’s Lone Wolf Tribe
Dysphoria: Alec Duffy & Company

April 1, 2006 – Works in Progress (TBA)
The Hystery of Heat: Performance Thanatology Research Society
Evoke memories of a golden age: Object Collection


First Dark Drama: D UNDERBELLY [Baraka de Soleil & Daniel Givens]
Inspired by the release of Daniel Given’s latest album, Dayclear/First

Dark & loosely based on Given’s experience of having his first love
killed by serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, He & Interdisciplinary Artist
Baraka de Soleil combine their skills in variant art forms to create
First Dark Drama: an episodic dissonant mutlisensory work that journeys deep into the subconscious of urban culture & personal memory.

Enmeshing fierce movement, stark visuals with dissonant compositions
of sound & text, First Dark Drama evokes a sensual urban world where
death is ever-present, yet survival is a must. Through these intimate & exposed episodic pathways, orbits the ever-fluid relationship between sensory recall, time & history. It is a world (cosmic space) embodied in refractions of memories, fashioned from the legacies of race & culture. These dimensions woven together provide a prism, distilling our reflections from the new millenium; how we experience this increasingly digital society, through analog eyes.

Two Girls On a Cliff: Shannon Sindelar

Two Girls On a Cliff is a surrealistic, sound-based theater piece that explores ritual, faith and the extreme hold of self-examination. Incorporating interviews, the piece centers around a woman who plays doctor to a young girl with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. As the doctor/patient relationship begins to blur, the characters make a discovery about the nature of ritual, adolescence, and control. Shannon is collaborating with Ryan Holsopple who is the founder of 31 Down and whose work has appeared at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater.

The Bride: Lone Wolf Tribe

Bride is a new puppet work by Kevin Augustine that fuses the history of God with the Frankenstein story to discover what it means when a man creates a woman. Bride is a multi-media theatre work that uses
life-sized puppets to blend history, sociology and the Frankensteins of Mary Shelley and James Whale, to explore the gender identity of God. The work is a probing study of how historical shifts in belief
systems-from Goddess culture to patriarchal theology-have changed how
we view women-from deity to maidservant of the Lord.
In his hands the simplest act of bringing life to the inanimate becomes a hugely theatrical event…mysterious and frightening, full of emotion, tension, and magic that is satisfying total because it all springs forth from the mind and soul of one very talented man—Basil Twist

Dysphoria: Alec Duffy
Dysphoria is a theatrical lecture/demo exploring issues of the body and genetics, on Earth and in outer space. Alec is collaborating with Andrew Dinwiddie, Lisa Yun Lee, and Dave Malloy.

The Hystery of Heat: Performance Thanatology Research Society

The Hystery of Heat is a performance-science experiment testing the
effects of contemporary high anxiety on global warming by measuring the amount of heat given off during moments of Great Fear.

Performance Thanatology Research Society is a group of scholars
dedicated to the advancement of a higher histrionics in the fate of
imminent finalities. Their current project, The Hystery of Heat, is
just like all of their previous projects: a group of young men and
women express their fears and desires in front of an audience of
friends, lovers and strangers. Heat is the theme for this particular
piece, performing under heat lamps and wearing multiple layers of
clothing, lead lecturer Ric Royer will attempt to maintain a logical
thread of thought while under extreme heat duress and frequently
bombarded by strange and grating noises generated by sound
reconstructionist G Lucas Crane. The ingenue of the group, Jackie
Milad will try not to freak out about such issues as global warming,
over-population and our fast-paced hyperdigital age, and all throughout projectionist Bonnie Jones adds moment-to-moment meta-commentary via live power point presentation. This is a piece for anyone who has fears and/or believes they will someday die.

Evoke memories of a golden age: Object Collection

The dissection of an artist by a society of performers searching for
product, legacy, and immortality. Kara Feely is a director/writer/designer for theater and performance. Her plays,
designs, and music-theater collaborations have been presented at venues and festivals in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, and throughout Europe. She is a co-founder of Object Collection, an experimental music and theater group based in Brooklyn, NY.

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