Culturebot Fieldtrip: Talk Radio on Broadway

Yesterday Culturebot, with the aid of a dedicated sherpa, perilously trudged uptown to a mysterious land called Broadway to see Talk Radio at the Longacre Theatre.* But why deign to cover a show outside of the typical millieu? Save for the free tickets?

For starters, playwright Eric Bogosian is a downtown theatre stalwart. Talk Radio was originally produced by Joe Papp with Mr. Bogosian in the lead role of gonzo radio host Barry Champlain. Given the fact people like Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh have become media stars, Bogosian’s script, written in 1987, seems eerily prescient. Also, this is the first time Bogosian has ever been produced on Broadway.

Then there’s imminently watchable star Liev Schreiber, an actor who’s still committed to the craft of theatre in addition to his successful film career. If he draws a diverse crowd to the Longacre then good on him.

It’s an actual play. On Broadway. Not a musical based on a movie, or a jukebox musical, or a Disney musical. Granted there are now a fair number of plays running or in previews, but that hasn’t been the norm for awhile.

Hopefully this justifies the detour above the 14th St. Meredian line. Just stay tuned for this coming weekend’s trip to Brooklyn. Hitch up the sled dogs.

*In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve occasionally worked for one of the producers of the show.


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