Spend Your Money on a New Trick

From the Culturebot electronic mailbag comes this missive for New Tricks, a fundraiser to benefit Theatre Askew’s show i google myself. According to the press release, Jason Shafer (Trick, “Queer as Folk”) “has crafted a taut thriller where three men with the same name engage in a high-risk game of identity and desire, and online fantasies clash with harsh reality.” So, if you still have any dollars left (this is benefit season after all) here are the deets:

To celebrate (and to raise some much-needed funds for their season) Theatre Askew will present NEW TRICKS. Featuring a cast of actors reading erotic fiction by Polly Frost and Ray Sawhill from their nationally acclaimed “Sex Scenes” series (described by Time Out NY as “aural sex”), and saucy musical performances by Joanna Parson and Pale Male, NEW TRICKS promises to be a fun, playful romp through love (and lust), 21st century style. Add to that fabulous raffle treats (2 tickets to Grey Gardens, 3 days of home-delivered gourmet meals from NuKitchen Food, Renew Salon facial, a free acupuncture session) and dancing to the music of DJ June Joseph, and it’s going to be an evening not to be missed.

Appearing in the “Sex Scenes” reading are: Antony Hagopian, Karen Grenke, Sarah Kozinn, Jennifer Malloy, Elenna Stauffer, Jake Thomas, and Kevin Craig West.

NEW TRICKS will be presented Monday, April 30 at 7:00pm. Ace of Clubs is located at 9 Great Jones St. Closest subway: N & R to 8th St; B, D, F, V to Broadway/Lafayette; #6 to Bleecker. Tickets are $30 and are available through ww.theatreaskew.com or at the door. For more information, visit us at www.theatreaskew.com.

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