Kiki and Herb Extend at Joe’s Pub

Everyone’s favorite inebriated downtown duo have extended their residency at Joe’s Pub through the month of May. So, if you need your fix, best catch the twisted twosome before they hit the road to bring their demented sense of showmanship to the rest of the country. We received this impassioned plea from the boozy Kiki herself (via MySpace):

kiki.jpgCome to Joe’s Pub every Sunday night now until May 27th. Get ready for the sweaty, stinky, sticky heat of summer with Kiki and Herb. Why remember something that’s going to happen anyway?

Drink your way into oblivion -we did.

Just show up, pay, and leave if you feel like it. We’ll be glad you did.

…and I mean that.

Does that make any sense?

Kiki (someone else took this down)

“tell them I love them”

Well, what more incentive do you need?

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