Sum Of Us at Dixon Place

In addition to Ann Magnuson, we also caught Sum of Us at Dixon Place.

The work-in-progress, developed by Michelle Matlock and the band Inner Princess, is “a celebration of gender bending history that is certain to rock, stretch, and rip the skirts right off your current asses!”, or so sayeth the press materials. And, it’s true!

Matlock plays cross-dressing Blues singer Gladys Bentley, who serves as the evening’s interlocutor. When the spirit of Ms. Bentley appears in the band’s rehearsal space, she leads the musicians, and the audience, on a scattershot ride into the past.

Punctuated by blasts of in-your-face rock, the bois of Inner Princess blend their own personal stories with the biographies of historical gender revolutionaries from Billie Tipton to Joan of Arc.

The show is closing this weekend, so if you’re interested, best book a ticket now.

Sum of Us plays at Dixon Place (258 Bowery) Thursday-Saturday at 8PM.

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