just found out that radiohole are doing fluke this weekend out at the hole before heading out on the road.

from nonsensenyc:

Have a cold beer and enjoy a surreal, non-stop thrill ride of the
imagination — a psychedelic merry-go-round of rocking-boats, aquatic
view-holes, hundreds of fish and Radiohole’s patented Bubble-Lights.
This all new Nautical Spectacle is by the three blind boys of
Radiohole: Eric Dyer, Erin Douglass, Maggie Hoffman, and features the
return of Scott Halvorsen Gillette live nightly from Vermont over
video-chat, as Weisser Wal. Radiohole wields the ultra sonic
audiospotlight bringing the songs of whales and the whisper of fate
to the center of your brain. Radiohole performs Fluke for one weekend
only before taking it on the road.

Collapsable Hole
146 Metropolitan, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
9p; $15
718 388 2251

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