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Hi, everybody! It’s your humble Culturebot editor Andy Horwitz here. Some of you know me only as the Culturebot guy. Some you know me as “that guy from PS122.” Well, I am also a writer/performer, though its been awhile since I’ve had time to make anything new. That’s why I’m very excited to invite all of you to the work-in-progress reading/presentation of my new project PERVERTER. It’s funny and racy and it’s this Wednesday, November 14th at 8PM at Dixon Place! I hope you can make it!

Written by Andy Horwitz
Directed by Paul Willis

Featuring: Lia Aprile, Michael Cyril Creighton, Aaron Fili, Mary Jane Gibson, Andy Horwitz and Krista Sutton.

A brand new ensemble spoken word performance piece from writer/performer Andy Horwitz, PERVERTER is a comic tale of bad behavior and worse decisions in a postmodern world. When cynical magazine editor Zach falls for his sexy intern all hell breaks loose. Follow his adventures into a frantic world of sex, drugs, downtown mayhem and the Home Shopping Network where everything is permitted and anything goes!

PARENTAL ADVISORY: This show contains adult situations, sexual content, foul language and implied nudity.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Dixon Place
258 Bowery, 2nd Floor

Oh! And I finally broke down and joined FACEBOOK. So if you’re on there, say “hi”! I think I sense a new addiction ….

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