But What About The Children?

our pal Michael Wiener sent us an e-mail about a new music project he’s got coming up. its a collaboration with Jim Coleman (Cop Shoot Cop) and Phil Puleo (Cop Shoot Cop, Swans), John N. (Barkmarket) and a small army of other musicians, vocalists and performers. Its called The Children.

The Children… Album Debut Performance
St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery
131 E. 10th St.
Sunday, November 18th
7:30 pm
$12 at the door, album also available to the public, for the first time

preview the album at: myspace.com/thechildrensmusic


several years in the making, a full evening performance at majestic St. Mark’s Church, historic home of art and activism, Sun., Nov. 18th, 7:30 pm, $12, celebrating the debut album (which will be available for the first time) of The Children…, my music collaboration with Jim Coleman of Cop Shoot Cop, with other members of Cop, Swans and Barkmarket (Phil Puleo, John Nowlin, etc.) joining us for this project.

I’ll let the work speak for itself but let’s just say we aim to bring you a truly transcendent evening.

prefacing the set will be a dreamy series of very succinct performative vignettes of various sorts, including my life partner Elizabeth’s hauntingly sung prayer soliloquy, potent experimental neoclassical pianist Steven Lynch, beloved macabre storyteller Edgar Oliver, and two emerging choreographers, razor sharp, DC based Melanie Lalande and her fierce collaborator and soloist Toy Falcone, and the sinuous and imaginative Emily Vetsch. these pieces will fade one into the other, dissipating as the other emerges, until, abruptly, The Children… arrive.

Above the stage hover weather balloons and projection screens, where images will flicker, providing a visual counterpoint to the silent movie enacted by myself, vocalist-lyricist, the music’s channeler, its vessel, producer Coleman, its conductor, wizard, weatherman, and the visceral, complex, relentless, nuanced sounds of Puleo (percussion and beyond), Nowlin (bass) and guests, including cellist Martha Siegel. Elegiac documentary-narrative filmmaker Joel Fendelman provides a portrait of modern China, both abstract and journalistic, and noted human rights photographer Srini Kuruganti offers visions of India.

This will be an unforgettable evening. join us for this very special performance/service, located somewhere at the intersection of heart, soul, family, love, romance, sex, global politics, the human condition, fantasy, reality, spirituality, art, the real, the imagined, societal mores, ritual practice. really. all that. I mean it.

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