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hello hello! I’m Rachel Karpf, the new addition to the team Andy mentioned a few days ago. I’m a director, grant writer, and sometime producer based in Fort Greene. I’ll be contributing my thoughts on Culturebot’s theater beat and general NYC arts news/gossip. Behind the scenes, I’ll be ramping up our planning to make sure we cover everything we think is cool. As Andy’s said, the best way to make sure we all hear about what you’re doing is to email the new address –

To kick things off: the one-night show from Jollyship the Whiz-bang at Spiegelworld last Monday was a rollicking good time, though I was pretty disappointed to learn that it was a concert-only night. I missed them at Ars Nova in June, so I was hoping for a full repeat performance of their self-titled nautical puppet-rock extravaganza. Sans puppets they still delivered the show’s catchy toss-your-beer-back-and-let’s-dance tunes in full force — but sometimes you just want to see the drunk pedophilic pirate captain…

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