Erik Friedlander tonight and Thursday

Erik Friedlander is playing twice within the next week. This is very good news for any fans of cello, contemporary jazz, or contemporary instrumental music in general. Friedlander is a mindblowing genre-crossing cellist and composer; he’s done a lot of modern jazz, American roots, choral pieces, and more. He’s collaborated with John Zorn, Mike Patton, and Teho Teardo, among others. Errol Morris grabbed one of his songs for the series of talking head iPhone ads Morris directed.

Tonight he’s at the Asia Society as part of a group of Korean and American musicians improvising together. 8-10pm, tickets $16.

And Thursday he’ll be at The Stone on Avenue C & 2nd for a performance/CD release party with his Broken Arm Trio. I’m stoked. (update: starts at 10pm)

A good Friedlander beginner’s playlist is here. And here’s one of my favorite pieces:

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