U.S. Senate to Art World: Drop Dead!

During their consideration of the Economic Recovery bill, the Senate approved an amendment offered by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) that prohibits funding for “…museums, theaters and arts centers…” This amendment, approved by a vote of 73-24, if included in the final version of this legislation would prevent the economic recovery funding from supporting these areas of the non-profit arts community.

Are they insane???? Do they have NO IDEA how many jobs could be created by investing in arts and culture? how much impact funding arts & culture could have in terms of education, infrastructure and civic engagement? community-building? 

I’m sure they’ll find money for football/baseball stadiums and sports arenas as gifts to their corporate friends. 

Go to


to send a letter to your senator. do it NOW!!! (in NY, Chuck Schumer voted FOR this amendment – meaning he wants to CUT your funding!)

[thx to Jason Grote for the tweet]

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