REDCAT announces its fall season

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October 1-3, 2009
U.S. premiere
Belarus Free Theatre: Discover Love
Established in 2005 in response to repression in “Europe’s last dictatorship,” the award-winning Belarusian company–now outlawed at home–stages a gripping original drama based on the true story of dissident Irina Krasovskaya and her husband Anatoly, who was “disappeared” 10 years ago. Performed in Russian with supertitles in English.
Thur Oct 1-Sat Oct 3 | 8:30 pm
$25 [students $20, CalArts $12]

October 9, 2009
Pieter-Dirk Uys: Elections and Erections
Afrikaner socialite Evita Bezuidenhout, “the most famous white woman in South Africa,” is now hoping to follow in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela as she sets her sights on the highest office in the land in wily Cape Town satirist, Pieter-Dirk Uys’ latest edition of his achingly funny one-man assault on political folly.
Fri Oct 9 | 8:30 pm
$20 [students $16, CalArts $10]

October 14-17, 2009
World premiere
Cloud Eye Control: Under Polaris
On a quest to preserve, inside pristine shards of ice at the top of the world, a seed containing the wealth of all human history, Cloud Eye Control charts an epic journey across a vast arctic expanse with a mix of projected animation, live theater and electronic music.
Thurs Oct 14-Sat Oct 17 | 8:30 pm
$20 [students $16, CalArts $10]

November 1-2, 2009
Studio: Fall 09
The ongoing series for new works and works-in-progress offers adventurous audiences the opportunity to experience original, ambitiously offbeat performances by an interdisciplinary mix of experimental Los Angeles artists.
Sun Nov 1-Mon Nov 2 | 8:30 pm
$12 [students $8, CalArts $6]

November 18-December 13, 2009
West Coast premiere
Joey Arias and Basil Twist: Arias with a Twist
In this deliriously madcap fantasy revue, the soaring song stylings of drag diva Joey Arias are surrounded by an eye-popping theatrical extravaganza conjured by a team of puppeteers directed by the legendary Basil Twist. Celluloid dreams, macabre nightmares and bizarre premonitions take the audience on a breathless ride that concludes with a stupendous Busby Berkeley-esque finale.
Nov 18-Sat Dec 13 (Dark on Mondays and Nov 26)
Tues-Sat | 8:30 pm
Sun | 7:00 pm
$35-40 [students $28-32, CalArts $18-20]


September 23-26, 2009
West Coast premiere
Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, with Philipp Gehmacher: Maybe Forever
Two of Europe’s most engaging and eloquent choreographers come together capturing the whirling passions, fears and anxieties of true love that is evaporating like a daydream in a profound and touching duet fueled by a hauntingly evocative post-blues song suite performed live by acclaimed Belgian singer/songwriter Niko Hafkenscheid.
Wed Sept 23-Sat Sept 26 | 8:30 pm
$20-25 [students $16-20, CalArts $10-12]

October 21-25, 2009
West Coast premiere
Gregory Maqoma/Vuyani Dance Theatre: Beautiful Me
A global fusion of rousing live music sets the pace for this solo tour de force by exquisite South African dancer and actor Gregory Maqoma. Combining breathtaking precision with lyrical warmth and humor, Maqoma layers eclectic idioms into a heartfelt self-portrait and a kinetic reflection on African identity.
Wed Oct 21-Sat Oct 24 | 8:30 pm
Sun Oct 25 | 3 pm
$20-25 [students $16-20, CalArts $10-12]

November 11-14, 2009
West Coast premiere
Anna Halprin and Anne Collod, with Morton Subotnick: parades & changes, replays
Improvising around a set of movement and music scores, dancers dress and undress, carry out everyday tasks, invent gestures, and disappear inside swirling rolls of paper in this full-scale reconstruction of Anna Halprin’s game-changing 1965 work parades & changes, a landmark of postmodern dance featuring music performed live by Morton Subotnick, the electronica pioneer who teamed with Halprin on the original.
Wed Nov 11-Sat Nov 14 | 8:30 pm
$25-30 [students $20-25, CalArts $12-18]

December 18-19, 2009
World premieres
CalArts Winter Dance
The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance presents three brand-new works by choreography faculty Colin Connor, Rosanna Gamson and Stephanie Nugent in a highly physical, visualy rich program performed by CalArts’ most expert dancers.
Fri Dec 18-Sat Dec 19 | 8:30 pm
$20 [students $16, CalArts $10]


September 16-18, 2009
World premiere
A Counterpoint of Tolerance: AH!
Interactive Opera No-Opera
Bringing together an array of robotic and interactive musical technologies, ingenious stagecraft, and flights of phenomenal musicianship, REDCAT is transformed into an immersive visual and sonic environment for the world premiere of this inventive international collaboration, composed and performed by creators from around the globe and inspired by the classic Buddhist text, the Diamond Sutra.
Wed Sept 16-Fri Sept 18 | 8:30 pm
$25 [students $20, CalArts $12]

September 30, 2009
Los Angeles premiere
Ana Cervantes: Rumor de Páramo
The Mexico-based new music pianist makes her Los Angeles debut with a mesmerizing solo recital of 17 commissioned pieces inspired by writer and photographer Juan Rulfo, whose seminal 1955 magical-realist tale Pedro Páramo transformed Latin American literature.
Wed Sept 30 | 8:30 pm
$20 [students $16, CalArts $10]

October 7, 2009
Linda Perhacs and Friends
Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of dublab, the trailblazing Los Angeles-based web radio collective, this evening of experimental exploration is the first-ever public performance by enigmatic folk singer Linda Perhacs, whose legendary 1970 album Parallelograms is an uncanny, ruminative masterpiece of psychedelia.
Wed Oct 7 | 8:30 pm
$25 [students $25, CalArts $25]

October 10, 2009
World premieres
The California E.A.R. Unit: The Lindas
The E.A.R. Unit, one of the boldest and most idiosyncratic contemporary chamber ensembles working today, turns its refined attentions to composition by women named Linda including the brilliant Canadian composer Linda Catlin Smith, fellow Canadian Linda Bouchard; and Dublin-based Linda Buckley.
Sat Oct 10 | 8:30 pm
$20 [students $16, CalArts $10]

October 28, 2009
The Claudia Quintet
The virtuosic New York band led by drummer and composer John Hollenbeck recasts jazz in shimmering new shapes inflected by classical minimalism, new music, progressive rock and post-rock casting propulsive grooves, catchy melodies and improvisation that is nothing short of telepathic.
Wed Oct 28 | 8:30 pm
$20 [students $16, CalArts $10]

November 6-8, 2009
Ramayana: An Indian Epic
Balinese Music and Dance by Gamelan Burat Wangi
An ensemble of 25 gamelan players and 14 dancers enacts an exquisite Balinese adaptation of theRamayana, the ancient Hindu dance drama of lust and abduction, of war and faith, filled with characters who look like birds, monkeys and warriors but who may turn out to be kings and gods.
Fri Nov 6-Sat Nov 7 | 8:30 pm
Sun Nov 8 | 3 pm
$30 [students $25, CalArts $18]


September 29, 2009
Locative Enigma–Frameshape of Hard Mettles–A Personal Problem
Projection Performances by Bruce McClure
“Bruce McClure doesn’t make films, he performs them… Twirling knobs, flipping switches, and adjusting lenses, he coaxes a bank of whirring projectors into producing images impossible to record,” says The Brooklyn Rail of Alpert Award-winning film projection artist Bruce McClure. In person: Bruce McClure
Tues Sept 29 | 8:30 pm
$9 [students $7, CalArts $5]

October 5, 2009
West Coast premiere
Ulrike Ottinger: The Korean Wedding Chest
As if in a modernist fairytale, Ottinger explores the “well-stocked miracle” of Korean wedding chests and finds herself in an enchanted maze of a modern Asian metropolis flush with mythological heroes, traditional rites, ancestral symbolism, dreams of eternal love, and a whole lot of Western kitsch. In person: Ulrike Ottinger
Mon Oct 5 | 8 pm
$9 [students $7, CalArts $5]

October 12, 2009
West Coast premiere
Ken Jacobs: Towards The Depths of The Even Greater Depression
A Nervous Magic Lantern Performance
In his live 3-D show, the revered avant-garde filmmaker (Star Spangled to Death) and “paracinema” champion manipulates a film projector’s mechanisms, painted plastic cells, and sometimes objects, to summon otherworldly abstractions with vertiginous depth of field. In person: Ken Jacobs
Mon Oct 12 | 8:30 pm
$9 [students $7, CalArts $5]

October 19, 2009
West Coast premieres
Sun Xun: The Dark Magician of New Chinese Animation
Giving a rare U.S. presentation of his animation oeuvre, artist and filmmaker Sun Xun screens a program of shorts ranging from a witty experiment in body art to the creation of an expansive imagistic world that evokes China’s checkered voyage toward technological and political modernity. In person: Sun Xun
Mon Oct 19 | 8 pm
$9 [students $7, CalArts $5]

October 26, 2009
World premiere
Christine Panushka and Alberto Araiza: Mosca and the Meaning of Life
Mosca and the Meaning of Life is a groundbreaking multimedia piece questioning the truths and lies with which we live out our lives, in which animated characters leap off the screen and join up with a live performance crafted by award-winning filmmaker and animator Christine Panushka and theater and spoken word artist Beto Araiza. In person: Christine Panushka and Alberto Araizia
Mon Oct 26 | 8:30 pm
$9 [students $7, CalArts $5]

October 27, 2009
U.S. premiere
Brigitte Maria Mayer: Anatomie Titus: Fall of Rome
Presented as a triptych that is as lyrical as it is terrifying, the Berlin-based artist traces a via dolorosa through the modern world in a timely new video based on Heiner Müller’s excoriating 1984 adaptation ofTitus Andronicus, Shakespeare’s blood-soaked revenge drama. The screening is followed by a discussion with the artist, renowned director Peter Sellars and Semiotext(e) founder Sylvère Lotringer.
Tues Oct 27 | 8:30 pm
$9 [students $7, CalArts $5]

October 30-31, 2009
The Golem
Celebrate Halloween with one of the earliest and surely creepiest horror films in cinema history, the 1920 touchstone of Expressionism which tells the Eastern European Jewish legend of the Golem, featuring live music by a cast of tricked-out ghouls under the direction of Brian LeBarton, best known as Beck s prodigious music director.
Fri Oct 30-Sat Oct 31 | 8:30 pm
$20 [students $16, CalArts $10]

November 3, 2009
Los Angeles premieres
Lichtspiel: Contemporary Abstract Animation and Visual Music
Sure to bend more than a few minds, this ravishing “play of light” explores rhythmic abstractions in the tradition of Oskar Fischinger and visual music animation offering a remarkable array of award-winning animated shorts from around the world, most of which are screening in Los Angeles for the first time.
Tues Nov 3 | 8:30 pm
$9 [students $7, CalArts $5]

November 9, 2009
Los Angeles revival
The Making and Unmaking of Flaming Creatures
A Screening and Talk with J. Hoberman
J. Hoberman, film critic of The Village Voice and an authority on the Jack Smith performance and film oeuvre, screens and discusses Flaming Creatures, Smith’s unprecedented visionary masterpiece which was simultaneously reviled, rioted over, banned as porn, and pondered by the Supreme Court. In person: J. Hoberman
Mon Nov 9 | 8:30 pm
$9 [students $7, CalArts $5]

December 14, 2009
Native Visions: Two Documentaries on Indigenous Mexican Culture
The program features Yolanda Cruz’s Reencuentros: 2501 Migrantes, documenting the creation of artist Alejandro Santiago’s monumental installation of 2501 life-size sculptures representing those who left the Oaxacan town of Teococuilo, and Dante Cerano’s Día dos, an irreverent take on the second day of a P’urhepecha wedding ceremony. In person: Yolanda Cruz
Mon Dec 14 | 8:30 pm
$9 [students $7, CalArts $5]


October 6, 2009
Where Hope Lives: How Design Can Transform Lives and Communities
CalArts President Steven D. Lavine welcomes architects from Michael Maltzan Architecture, Koning Eizenberg Architecture and Killefer Flammang Architects for an illuminating panel discussion on the role of design in realizing “supportive housing” solutions for the homeless.
Tues Oct 6 | 7:30 pm

October 29, 2009
Life As We Show It: Writing on Film
with Rebecca Brown, Myriam Gurba, Abdellah Taïa and Masha Tupitsyn
This can’t-miss reading celebrates the publication of an important new anthology of writing on film, Life As We Show It, a dynamic cross-genre collection of short stories, essays and poetry navigating the increasingly fine line between lived experience and representation in contemporary American culture.
Thurs Oct 29 | 8:30 pm
$10 [students $5, CalArts free]

November 4, 2009
Dancing on Site and on Camera: A conversation and screening with Stephan Koplowitz, Joanna Haigood and David Rousseve
In a lively discussion about their practices and their diverse experiences, Alpert Award-winning choreographers Stephan Koplowitz, Joanna Haigood and David Rousseve, illuminate how site–a particular natural, architectural or cultural environment–inspires dance and how film can document the process and product of site-specific dance.
Wed Nov 4 | 8:30 pm
$10 [students $5, CalArts free]

November 5, 2009
Satellite, as long as it is aiming at the sky
A video project by Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi
This fascinating video peers into the microcosm of Farsi-language satellite television stations–now numbering more than 20 that broadcast internationally from Los Angeles–fostering vibrant communities of hosts and audiences in and out of Iran. The screening is followed by a discussion with the filmmakers.
Thurs Nov 5 | 8:30 pm
$10 [students $5, CalArts free]

December 15, 2009
Marc Cooper
with Norman M. Klein and Martín Plot
One year after the crash of ’08 and the beginning of the Obama era, prolific journalist and cultural critic Marc Cooper, a contributing editor to The Nation and formerly the writer of the LA Weekly’s popular “Dissonance” column, is joined by Norman M. Klein and Martín Plot for a provocative discussion about shifting cultural patterns in a time of crises global and local.
Tues Dec 15 | 8:30 pm
$10 [students $5, CalArts free]


September 12-November 8, 2009
Abraham Cruzvillegas
Through his interest in autoconscrucción (“self-construction”), Abraham Cruzvillegas practice explores economies of the makeshift, the recycled and the handmade. His recent work gravitates toward an examination of this childhood home and the neighborhood of Ajusco, a district in the south of Mexico City. For his solo exhibition at REDCAT, the artists presents a newly commissioned film shot on location in Ajusco that employs an unconventional narrative, non-professional actors, and unexpected moments of intimacy and encounter.
Sat Sept 12-Sun Nov 8 | Tues-Sun, noon-6 pm or intermission

November 21, 2009-January 17, 2010
Everyday Miracles (Extended)
Guest curated by Hou Hanru
Everyday Miracles (Extended) brings together works by Hamra Abbas, Ringo Bunoan, Chen Hui-Chiao, Shilpa Gupta, Kan Xuan, Minouk Lim and Jewyo Rhii, which poignantly reflect on the dynamic shifts across Asia over the last 30 years. Curated by Hou Hanru in collaboration with REDCAT, the exhibition bridges a shared commitment to presenting diverse art practices from the Pacific Rim, mining the miraculousness of the everyday in an effort to negotiate and transcend social and political realities in China, India, Korea, Pakistan, the Philippines and Taiwan.
Sat Nov 21-Sun Jan 17 | Tues-Sun, noon-6 pm or intermission


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