Kill Me Loudly at Triskelion

We’ve been hearing lots of good things about this show. we have long loved The Red Bastard and his evil clowniness, so we anticipate a wicked good time.


fools on fire presents
Kill Me Loudly: A Clown Noir
Sept 16-20, 23-25 at 8pm
Triskelion Arts, Williamsburg
118 N. 11th between Berry and Wythe, 3rd Floor

A brutal comedy about desire, betrayal and murder. Done by clowns.

All these clowns want to do is make a film noir. But their dark sides are about to get the best of them.
Join us in a world of shadows, silhouettes and cityscapes–where brain-battered boxers and drug-addled bums greet you at every corner. There are not one, but two femme fatales, neither of whom are women—and the main Dick doesn’t even have one. We guarantee these clowns will go too far. KILL ME LOUDLY: Very Good Intentions. Very Bad Clowns.

KILL ME LOUDLY is created by the company and directed by Eric Davis (Cirque Du Soleil, Red Bastard, NYIT-award winning Bouffon Glass Menajoree). Fools On Fire makes dark, idiotic comedy for dark, idiotic times. For full show and company info visit

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