Mac Wellman’s Bring a Weasel and a Pint of Your Own Blood Fest Returns

Mac Wellman is not only a legend of the experimental theater scene but lynchpin of the downtown scene through his role at the playwrighting MFA program at Brooklyn College. Along with the Wooster Group, Anne Bogart at Columbia, Richard Foreman, and Big Dance at NYU’s Experimental Theater Wing, Wellman is one of the core progenitors of New York artists.

The Bring a Weasel… Festival, entering its seventh year, presents a select group of playwright-producers from his program. Alumni include Sibyl Kempson and Young Jean Lee, Thomas Bradshaw and Kristen Kosmas. This year’s line-up of up-and-comers consists of LaShea Delaney, Paul Ketchum, Megan Murtha, and Mark Sitko. The festival runs August 9-11 at the 13th Street Theater (136 E. 13th St.); tickets are a suggested donation of $18/$15 students, at the door. Reservations can be made at bringaweasel(at)

We’ll be there trying to discern what the future of theater will look like; please join us.

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